About us

About 2Organics

Situated in the heart of the Dutch agriculture area we facilitating the trade of biological fruits and vegetables for Dutch growers and abroad.

2Organics searches for the best growers in the BIO business and helps growers to maintain this standard. Merely being a trader is not the course a man should follow. By using our knowledge about growing vegetables we can help deliver the best product for a reasonable price. We help Growers peak there production.

For as food is human number one priority and seasonable fact, it is nor natural our food is produced at different locations in the world. We do not believe that the most sustainable way of growing is making heat intensive vegetables during wintertime North of Europe. Whereas there is enough summer-heat to produce them more South. By keeping close contact with these growers we can help result good practice and revenue there too.

By choosing for the shortest routes of transport directly loaded at the Grower we can work most ecologic and deliver Fresh products.

Our continuous stock is big enough to actuate fast and last minute delivery. Product that is not available we can arrange within days from all EU origin. With our own warehousing and dedicated staff we can keep quality standards high.

How about that

Not only our growers make effort producing a greener product.

We cool our product by SUNlight. Our warehousing is covered with Solar cell which attract the energy out of sunlight to run our coolers. This is just Perfect.